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My activity is not in the app, what should I do?

We receive the activities of about ten partner applications. The activities are usually up in less than 5 minutes more than 99.5% of the time.

In rare cases, the partner app’s servers, or our own, are unavailable, which can cause a 24-hour delay in the reporting of activity.

For all providers (except Apple Health and Strava), only activities performed AFTER authorization are reported. For Strava and Apple Health, we can pull up the history.

How does it work in a schematic way?

  1. You give RunMotion Coach permission to access your activities. We ask strictly for the necessary authorizations, nothing more. Then you don’t have to do anything else.
  2. With each new activity, your provider alerts us, “Hi, Robert just did this activity, are you interested?”
  3. We say, “Yes, of course! What did he do today?”
  4. Your supplier answers us: “Ok, hold the file of his watch, deal with it ;)”
  5. Great, let’s go decrypt this file 🤓
  6. That’s it, RunMotion Coach now knows that Robert ran today 8.7km in 55min05, with 100m of D+, with a heart-shaped GPS track, and an average heart rate of 155bpm. Each supplier gives us more data than the others, we keep only the essential ones in order to not have 150GO of useless data and thus to be as eco-responsible as possible.
  7. We are sending you this activity detail, it should now be in your RunMotion Coach application

The steps between 2 and 7 are very fast, it usually takes less than 2 seconds when everything goes well, but in rare cases the communication between our server and your provider may be altered. It’s either our server’s fault or the provider’s server’s fault (it’s usually 50-50%) but in 99% of the cases we manage to recover the missing activities within 24 hours.

Only Apple Health works a little differently, this communication is between your RunMotion Coach application and your Apple Health application, without going through our servers, and it is complicated to debug because we do not have physical access to your phone.

For Strava, Decathlon and Apple Health, we don’t get the source file from the watch, and we only get the activity summary, which makes it easier to process, but it’s sometimes less complete.

If after 48 hours, your activity is not up, it means that it had a problem, you can enter it manually.


If after 2 hours, your Strava activity is not up, you can try to change the title of the activity on Strava, in principle, Strava will send us your activity.

On Strava, the cumulative negative elevation gain is not available (only the D+ is), so we cannot enter it in the details of your activity. This is the only missing value on Strava.

On Strava, consider giving access to your private activities if you keep your activities private.

Huawei Health

While all of the providers work very well, Huawei Health is sometimes problematic. There is a reason why few apps are compatible with Huawei Health 🙃, but we made the choice to develop this connection anyway.

Only the activities of connected watches like GT Runner are tracked, for a reason we don’t know. In addition, regions outside Europe are not compatible.

Updated on 22 September 2022

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