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My scheduled sessions are not transmitted to the Apple Watch

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During our tests before the release of the Apple Watch app, we sometimes had this bug. Indeed, the iPhone application checks if there is a RunMotion Coach application on the Apple Watch. It seems that there is a bug in the method recommended by Apple to developers.

If the Apple Watch application is installed manually, it is not always recognized by the iPhone application.

But if the Apple Watch application is installed automatically, then it is recognized.

We invite you to try:

  1. Create an account on the RunMotion Coach application so you don’t lose your current data
  2. Uninstall the Apple Watch application RunMotion Coach and then the iPhone application RunMotion Coach
  3. Reinstall the RunMotion Coach iPhone application and reconnect to the original conversation
  4. If the Apple Watch application installs automatically (it sometimes takes 5min), everything should be fine

When you press “Export” in the session description, the session should appear on the Apple Watch.

If not, there may be an incompatibility with your Apple Watch. We apologize for this.

We have already investigated this bug in depth. Apple announces the release of wearOS 9 in the fall of 2022, it’s possible that it fixes this problem, we will look again at the end of the year if we can correct this incompatibility.

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Updated on 22 September 2022

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