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How do I export my scheduled sessions?

Prior to version 5, the application sent scheduled sessions at the end of “Refine Your Week”.

With version 5, a change has been introduced, the export is done session by session from the session description. Just press the Export button.

On Android, the export status is announced by a small message. On iPhone, there is no success / failure message yet.

To give the export authorizations, everything is done in My Profile > Export my training plan, then by pressing the corresponding logo.

On this same screen, at the bottom, you can set the target you want to follow during your training:“No target, Speed, Heart Rate or Power“. Only Garmin is compatible with the power and sensor Stryd.

If you do not have a target indication during your workout AND this indication is given in your workout description, you have not chosen a target in the in-place section of My Profile > Export my workout plan. We invite you to choose it, and it will be good for the next exports.

Garmin Connect

On Garmin Connect, the export of sessions and the import of activities are separate. It is necessary to make 2 different authorizations.

Sometimes the Garmin calendar is not up to date, so you have to close and reopen Garmin Connect to see the scheduled session.

Also, a bug recently popped up on Garmin Connect (not our fault 😊) if you don’t see the workout in the Garmin Calendar tab. If the workouts are in the More tab > Workouts > Workouts, then it is possible that the Calendar does not have the right filter. In this case, go to Calendar > press the icon of the 3 vertical dots at the top right > Filter calendar > select Trainings. Then the trainings should appear.

Apple Watch

Exporting is normally done without special authorization, simply by pressing the Export button in the session description. If you don’t see the session on the RunMotion Coach app on the Apple Watch, check out this article.


Only one authorization is needed for Suunto, but it is necessary to validate the export in My Profile > Export my training plan.

There is a limit of 15 Suunto Guides, so if your watch is full of Suunto Guides, consider removing them.

In addition, only Suunto 3, 5 and 9 with the latest software updates are compatible for Suunto Guides. If you have a Suunto 7 or another model, we have absolutely nothing to do with it, as Suunto chose not to support them for technical reasons.


For Coros, if you have already authorized the import of activities, just click on the Coros logo in My Profile > Export my training plan, and check the export box.

The first time, go to the Coros app in Profile > Training Calendar > Menu on the top right > Training Plan Library > RunMotion Coach (if it appears, it means the export is working) > Add a plan Then the sessions will automatically be put in Profile > Training Calendar.

Google Calendar

On iPhone, it is necessary to open the authorization page on an external browser, as indicated on the authorization page.

Others like Polar or Wahoo

Not all watch providers offer the ability to export scheduled sessions to their devices. If you are concerned, don’t bother to put 1 star on the Store (if it already happened I assure you, like “1 star: the app is great but my Polar is not compatible” 😅).

We are in contact with these suppliers, and when they are ready, we will be among the very first to be compatible. The ball is in their court 😉 Nothing stops you from writing to their support to let them know that you dream of having structured workouts on your watch!

Whatever the provider, if you don’t have your session scheduled in your calendar, we invite you to write to our support.

Updated on 22 September 2022

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