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I can’t get a Premium subscription

Why can’t I go Premium?

If you go through the App Store, Google Play or the App Gallery, the payment is handled 100% by Apple, Google or Huawei depending on your device.

In rare cases, the payment is refused for technical reasons that we do not control. We take responsibility for mistakes that are within our control (coach Philippe slaps us on the wrist afterwards ­čśů), but here only your supplier can answer you.

The solution to go through our Store

If it doesn’t work any better after a second attempt, or if you don’t want to subscribe via Google Play or iTunes, you can go directly to our website: https: //store.run-motion.com/

Subscriptions are at the same rate, but are for a fixed duration: 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Once you have purchased a subscription, you can link this purchase to your RunMotion Coach account at the following link https://run-motion.com/app-code

If you want to benefit from the 14 days offered on the App Store, Google Play or the App Gallery, you can try the Premium for free with the code TEST14JOURS (reserved for people who have never passed Premium) on: https: //run-motion.com/app-code

Updated on 31 August 2022

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