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How do I add a preparation race?

For the main competition objectives, it is possible to add one or more preparatory competitions where the date is BEFORE the main objective, as it is a preparatory competition 😉

The preparation races will be placed in your program and you will have an easier time arriving fresh a few days before and an easier time recovering well a few days after.

If your main objective is wellness or weight loss, it is not possible to add a prep race. If you want to prepare for a race, click on the name of the objective. It is therefore necessary to delete your current objective and create a new main objective.

To add a preparation race, click on the name of the objective in the main screen.

The details of the objectives are displayed, then click on Manage my objectives. You can then add a race in the Preparation race section. The date of the preparation race must be BEFORE the date of the main objective.

Updated on: 19/07/2024