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How can I add a main objective?

Select a main objective in the RunMotion Coach app: for a race or a well-being objective such as weight loss.

If you want to prepare for several races over very different distances, e.g. a 10 km road run and a long-distance trail run within a short period of time, choose the race that is closest to your heart as your main objective. Your training will then be focused towards this main objective.

The main objective will be created on the timeline, in the message that prompts you to create a new objective. A conversation will be opened to select this new main objective.

You can also define it directly in your timeline.

### I have a stage race, what should I set as an objective on the app?

If you aim to participate in a multi-day trail race (like the Marathon des Sables for example), indicate the TOTAL DISTANCE (or the EXPECTED distance) on the app.

If we take the Marathon des Sables as an example:

The marathon includes 5 stages for a total of about 250 km. Therefore, indicate on RunMotion Coach that you are preparing for a 250 km race.

Updated on: 19/07/2024