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Change the language of the RunMotion Coach application

By default, the language in the RunMotion Coach app is the same as the language set on your phone.

If English comes before French in the order of languages, the RunMotion Coach app is in English. If you have set French as the main language, RunMotion Coach will be in French.

It is also possible to select a language for a specific app.

Select the language on the iPhone

In the iPhone settings, at the bottom of the list of installed apps on your iPhone, you can select a specific language for RunMotion when selecting the RunMotion Coach app: French, English or Spanish.

It is therefore possible to have all other apps on your phone in English and only select French for the RunMotion Coach app.

Select the language on Android

This is only possible on Android 13 and higher. If you are using an older Android system, you will need to update. Otherwise, the RunMotion Coach app will remain in the default language of your phone.

Here is the procedure given by Android for Android 13, in detail here:

On your device, open your Settings app.
Tap System > Languages > App Languages.
Select the app you want to change.
Choose a language.

Updated on: 22/02/2024