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Logging in on two different devices

Logging in on 2 smartphones is possible using the email and password.

Yes, it's possible, but only by using the option to authenticate with an email address and password, and by using the same password on both devices.

To do this, you can request a new password from the login screen.

For security reasons, whenever the password is changed, the old sessions become invalid: it's impossible to take actions from the app, and you'll receive the error message: "Invalid session token."

If you encounter the "Invalid session token" message, you'll need to reconnect on your device by redownloading the RunMotion Coach application.

Using Apple Sign In or Google Sign In removes old sessions on other devices.

Using Apple Sign In or Google Sign In, the functions provided by Apple and Google for logging in without a password, removes all existing sessions, for example, those made on another smartphone. Only the last session opened via Apple Sign In or Google Sign In is valid.

Updated on: 25/04/2024