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Add long hill sessions for trail running

If you are preparing for a trail run as your main objective, you will always complete hiking trails and hills.

Settings for hill runs

If you live in the city, you probably do not have Mountain set in My profile > My training settings > My training areas.

In this case, you have short hills, and we strongly recommend that you also do S&C workouts or even strength training on the bike. These last two settings can be found in My profile  > My training settings > My training days.

If you have access to hills or hilly terrain, you can activate the hills option > My training settings > My training areas. This will give you long hills, and you can also do S&C workouts and strength training on the bike to prepare your muscles even better. You will also occasionally train downhill.

Long climbs usually last between 3 and 15 minutes, and even if you have a shorter climb, you can finish your split downhill or include a short downhill phase in the split.

Will I have long hills if I am preparing for a road run as my main objective and doing a trail run at the same time?

No, the preparation will still focus on your main objective, in your case the road run, if you have set this as your main objective. You can sometimes add elevation changes to your endurance efforts while trying to stay within your digital trainer's heart rate zone.

If you have more than two months between two trail and road running objectives, or between a road run and a trail run, it is best to enter the first objective as your main objective, and after you have run it, enter the second objective as your new main objective.

Trying to complete 2 very different races, one on the road and one on the track, in less than 2 months is often a bit complicated and it is better to choose the one you prefer if you want to perform well.

Updated on: 22/02/2024