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Change my training days (running) and add cross-training (cycling, S&C workouts)

There are 2 ways to change the training days:

For a SINGLE week in the timeline via the Change button
For ALL weeks in My Profile

Please note that these 2 functions are premium functions, as is cross-training with the addition of cycling and S&C training.

Only changing the running training days is free of charge.

You cannot directly replace a planned running session with a session in another sport, you must use the following 2 options:

Change for a single week

It is done on the timeline via the Change in the type of week button.

You can either simply swap sessions between days using the arrows on iPhone or by dragging and dropping on Android.

Or you can change the number of sessions or request a simpler week by pressing ‘**I want to change my week type**’, which will open a dialog where you can make your selection.

Change for all weeks in the advanced settings

Under My profile (top left icon)  > My Training Settings > My Training Days, you can make the following settings for ALL upcoming weeks (except for a competition week, which will be reduced in all cases).

If you do not have access to Running / Cycling / S&C workouts, you are using the previous version of the app. So don’t forget to update it in the App Store or Google Play.

At the top of this page you will find instructions on the number of sessions per week according to your profile. Each day you select will result in one training session. So it’s up to you to choose the days you prefer, taking into account the advice given. If you want a rest day, do not select this day on this page 😉

CAUTION, if you select cycling and running on the same day, you will have a running session and a cycling session on the same day, for more experienced runners. If you have two training sessions on the same day and only want one, deselect the sport you do not want.

Although it is possible to program 2 sessions per day (1 per sport), we recommend 2 sessions per day only for very experienced athletes.


Select the days of your 2 most important runs in the advanced settings. This allows you to set the day of your long run if you cover long distances.

You can select your most important training sessions for days when you have no other sports planned (cycling or S&C workout).

If you want to cycle or do sports on one of these 2 days, you can move them to ‘Change week’ on the timeline.

If you have already selected cycling and S&C workout on the same day, running cannot be selected.


You can add up to 2 cycling days per week and choose between endurance and strength (maximum one strength day per week). The duration of the long rides is primarily designed for cycling on the road.

If you are a mountain biker or home trainer, you can limit the duration of your rides to 2 hours, as this is more demanding for mountain biking and more monotonous for home training.

Strength and Conditioning (S&C workouts)

You can choose up to 2 days of strength and conditioning workouts per week.

The training takes place via a "player" where you can follow the training live (remember to download RunMotion Coach version V6 or higher).


You can choose up to 2 days of swimming per week, and prioritize Endurance, Technique, or Intensity if you wish.


For your triathlon training plan, we let you choose the training days for swimming and cycling as they often require more organization than a running session.

So, add in My profile (top left icon)  > My Training Settings > My Training Days the day(s) for cycling (maximum 2 days) and swimming (maximum 2 days) that you wish to have in your training.

Updated on: 19/07/2024