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How can I change my MAS, especially if I start running again?

The MAS calculated by our algorithms is accurate in most cases, but may vary. For example, if a runner has a very good 10km performance and an average marathon performance, the model will determine a low endurance and a higher MAS. Or if a runner’s level is significantly lower or higher than the performances entered in ‘My past races’ (My Profile > My running experiences), then the MAS may not correspond to the current level. 

To get a more accurate MAS value, you can perform a Half Cooper MAS test and enter it in your running experiences (under My Profile > My Running Experiences). The test takes 6 minutes, then enter the distance covered.

For example, if you enter a distance of 1500 meters, you get a MAS at 15 km/h (MAS is the distance in meters in the half Cooper test divided by 100). Or 1200 meters for a MAS at 12km/h, etc.

If you know yourself well enough, you can also enter a fictitious result for this 6-minute test.

You can find more information on calculating your MAS here.

You can also change your MAS directly in My profile > My physiological data > Change my MAS

Updated on: 22/02/2024