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How is the training pace calculated?

In the description of your training session, the following is given as standard: 50 minutes of slow running or 4x5 minutes at 10 km pace with 2 minutes recovery between the 5 minutes of running.

If you want to get more precise numbers, e.g. 50min at 6:00/km or 50min running at 12km/h, you need to enter either past competitions or your MAS (fast pace that can be maintained for a maximum of 6min). An equivalence is calculated for heart rate or power when these are entered in My profile > My physiological data.

Entering previous competitions

Training paces are calculated based on race results using the method described in our blog article. Only competitions that are less than 4 years old and last between 6 minutes and 4 hours are taken into account.

A filter is also applied to take into account only the best performances achieved. Based on this model, your MAS and endurance are calculated and displayed in My Profile (icon at the bottom right of the menu).

Changing my MAS and endurance

In My Profile> My physiological date > Change my MAS, you can change your MAS and endurance if, e.g. you are in a recovery phase or have made significant progress.

Updated on: 16/07/2024