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How do I link my completed session with the planned one?

Coach Arthur, Coach Joy or Coach Socrates will offer you sessions to complete. As soon as you have completed a session, click on ‘I have completed the session’ in the description.

The coach will then suggest that you link the session you have planned with the session you have completed.

If you have linked another tracking app or GPS watch to your RunMotion Coach account, you will automatically be offered activities. These must meet the following 3 criteria:

The activity was performed in the same sport as the planned training session
Date of the activity within 5 days of the planned training session
The activity is not already linked to this or the previous training plan (if you have changed your objective in the meantime).

I can’t find my activity, what should I do?

First check My profile (icon top left)  > Connect a tracking app that you have connected to Garmin, Strava or another partner provider.

Then check whether the activity belongs to the same sport as the planned training session and whether the date of the activity is close enough to the date of the planned training session (more or less than 5 days).

If the activity is still not available here or in My Profile (icon top left) > My Year in Review > weeks tab, you can consult this page about importing an activity.

Can I also enter my activity manually?

Yes, by clicking on Manually create an activity on the ‘I have completed my session’ screen. If you have already validated the analysis and your activity is returned, you can delete the analysis in the analysis details and re-link your scheduled session to the activity you received.

Updated on: 22/02/2024