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Import my activities via a partner app or watch (Garmin, Suunto, Polar, Coros,...)

RunMotion Coach is connected to a dozen partner apps: Garmin, Strava, Suunto, Polar, Coros, Adidas Running, Huawei, Decathlon, Fitbit, Apple Health…

Once you have authorized access to your activities, they are usually uploaded to the RunMotion Coach app in less than 5 minutes, more than 99.5% of the time.

In very rare cases, the partner app’s servers or our own servers may be unavailable, which may result in a 24-hour delay in retrieving the activity.

In general, only activities performed after authorization (see below) are reported.

With Strava, Garmin and Apple Health, we can go back in history and import the activities of the last few weeks, even if you have only now given permission. Shortly after logging in to Strava (the last 50 activities) or Garmin (the last 90 days), you will be asked if you want to import them.

Grant permission to import my activities

To synchronize activities that you have done on your watch or a partner app with RunMotion Coach, go to My Profile (top left icon) > Connect a tracking app > Then select the provider you have. 

How can I import activities?


You authorize RunMotion Coach to access your activities. We only ask for the necessary authorizations, nothing more. Then you don’t have to do anything.
With every new activity, your supplier tells us ‘Hi, XX has just done this activity, are you interested?’
We reply ‘Yes, of course! What did he do today?’
Your supplier replies, ‘Okay, here’s his watch file, you figure it out 😉’
Great, let’s get to work on the file  🤓
That’s it, RunMotion Coach now knows, for example, that XX ran 8.7km today in 55min05, with 100m positive elevation gain, with a heart-shaped GPS track and an average heart rate of 155 bpm. Each provider sends us more or less data, and we only keep the most important ones so as not to have 155GO useless data and to be as environmentally conscious as possible.
We send you this activity data, which should now be included in your RunMotion Coach app.

With Strava, Decathlon and Apple Health, we do not receive the source file from the watch, but only the activity summary, which makes processing easier, but in return we sometimes have less data.

I did not receive my activity

Steps 2 to 7 are very fast and usually take less than 2 seconds if everything goes well, but in rare cases the communication between our server and your provider may be disrupted.

It is either due to our server or the supplier (usually 50-50%), but in 99% of cases we manage to restore the missing activity in less than 24 hours.

If your activity has not reappeared after 48 hours, you can either enter it manually and then link it to the session scheduled in your training plan.

For Apple Health

This communication takes place between your RunMotion Coach app and your Apple Health app without going through our servers. Troubleshooting is complicated as we do not have physical access to your phone. If you close and reopen the RunMotion Coach app, you should be able to access your new activities.

My tracking app is not available on RunMotion Coach

We cover more than 90% of runners’ needs. However, apps like Nike Run Club and Runkeeper no longer accept new partner apps like ours. We have tried to contact them but have not received a response, which we regret as much as you do.

Other apps, such as Amazfit watches, do not offer easy integrations and are simply not technically capable of doing so, which we also regret.

You can try to see if your tracking app is compatible with Strava. If so, you can connect Strava (even with a free or private account) to RunMotion Coach. You will then receive your activities as usual.

Updated on: 16/05/2024