Articles on: Import activities & Export scheduled workouts

Export a session to my Coros Watch

Grant permission to export on Coros

Via My Profile > Export my training plan > Coros > Connect 

Export my session

Click on Export in the description of the training session.

Or click on the button with your watch in the header of your week.

Get my session back on the Coros app

If it’s the first time, open the Coros App in Profile > Training Calendar > Menu at the top right > Training Plan Library > RunMotion Coach (if it appears, it means the export is working) > Add a plan. Then the sessions are automatically displayed in the profile in Profile > Training Calendar. 

Why do I have duplicates? Why can’t I export a session in more than 7 days?

Duplicates can occur on Coros if you export your sessions several times. Coros does not allow you to delete exported sessions (technical restriction 😔). If you have planned several sessions on the same day, check in your RunMotion Coach app which ones you will be running 😉

Also, it is not possible to export sessions scheduled in more than 7 days (or scheduled in the past days), this is a limitation imposed by Coros. So you have to wait until you can export the session 7 days before the scheduled date.

Updated on: 22/02/2024