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Export a session to my Suunto Watch

Which watches are compatible with the SuuntoPlus™ Guides?

Suunto 3, 5 and 9 as well as Suunto watches after 2022 are compatible. Your watch only needs to support the SuuntoPlus™ Guides. The Suunto 7, for example, is not compatible (technical decision by Suunto).

Grant permission to export to Suunto

Go to My Profile > Export my training plan > Suunto > Connect 

Export my session

Click Export in the training session description.

Or in the header of your week on the button of your watch.

Get my session back on the Suunto app

Once the export is complete, open your Suunto app and select your watch (logo at the top left of the home page).

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Click on SuuntoPlus™ Guides, you should be able to see the scheduled session with the scheduled date. If this is the case, you just need to transfer it to your watch. Make sure your watch is synchronized with the Suunto app via Bluetooth.

You can now select your  Running mode on your watch  > Options > SuuntoPlus™ Guides.  If you are on the day of the planned training session and select the running mode, the watch will suggest to track your training session automatically.

The number of Suunto Guides is limited to 15. When your watch is full of Suunto Guides, do not forget to delete them.

Enjoy your run!

Updated on: 22/02/2024