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Export a session to my Garmin Watch

Grant permission to export to Garmin Connect

Via My Profile > Export my training plan > Garmin > Connect 

Export my session

Click on Export in the description of your training session.

Or click on the button with your watch in the header of your week.

The scheduled session will then be available in the Calendar tab of Garmin Connect.

It is available almost immediately.

Here is the training session scheduled for September 17, 2023 available in orange.

Synchronize my watch with Garmin Connect

Do you have the planned training on Garmin Connect? The last step is to synchronize your Garmin watch with Garmin Connect (via Bluetooth or USB cable) when you transfer your completed training sessions to Garmin Connect.

If you have uncompleted workouts on your watch, it may take some time to transfer the planned workouts, as Garmin will first download the uncompleted workouts to your watch before transferring the planned workouts.

If you cannot see the planned workout on Garmin Connect.

Try this sequence if you can’t see the workout in the Calendar tab of Garmin.

Sometimes the Garmin Connect calendar is not updated. Then you need to close and reopen Garmin Connect to see the scheduled training.
If the training sessions are in the More tab > Training > Training, then it's possible that the Calendar doesn't have the right filter. In this case, go to Calendar > click on the icon with the 3 vertical dots at the bottom right > Filter the calendar > select Trainings. The training courses should then be displayed.
If the trainings are still not available, it is probably because you have not connected the correct Garmin Connect account. It is rare, but we have about twenty users a year who have this situation, some of them with 2 Garmin Connect accounts

Check if the connected Garmin Connect account is the correct one

To make sure you have connected the correct account, go to Garmin Connect at More > Settings > Connected apps. If you have given permission to import and export, RunMotion Coach should appear 2 times, along with any other apps such as Strava.

If you click on one of the two pages, you should see the Training authorization. And on the other, the Activity authorization. If the Training authorization does not appear on either page, this means that you have not connected the correct Garmin account.

To see the Garmin username you are currently logged into Garmin Connect with, you can go to More > Settings > Profile / Confidentiality > Manage Garmin Account (at the bottom),on your smartphone. The email address you are connected to your Garmin Connect account with should appear there.

You must therefore use this email address when authorizing RunMotion Coach.

You can export Garmin in the RunMotion Coach app under My Profile > My training plan and then send it to Connect again. The training sessions should appear on Garmin Connect 🤞

It is also possible to connect via the web version of Garmin (via your phone or computer) and see if you have the training sessions in your Garmin calendar.

Having audio guidance on your Garmin

Having voice prompts on your Garmin is now possible (although not the simplest)! When a compatible device is paired with the Garmin Connect™ app, the app provides audio voice alerts not on the watch but directly on your smartphone.

Attention: To complete the setup, make sure your Garmin Connect app remains open. This way, you can receive lap alerts, power alerts, pace/speed alerts, and heart rate alerts.

If you want to learn more, you can go directly to Garmin's website via this link:

Updated on: 30/04/2024