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Export a session to my Apple Watch

It now appears on the Workout app, which can be downloaded to all Apple Watches.

Steps to get access to the sessions in the Workout app:

On the iPhone, perform once:

Steps 1 through 3 are not necessary if you already have the latest updates

Update your iPhone under iOS 17: iPhone Settings > General > Software update > Download and install the latest available version, iOS 17 or higher
Update your Apple Watch under WatchOS 10: Open the Watch app > General > Software update > Download and install the latest version available, WatchOS 10 or higher
Update your RunMotion Coach app and download the latest version available in the App Store, 6.0.2 or higher
In your RunMotion Coach app > My Profile > Export my training plan > Connect an app for export > Apple Workout > Connect > Authorize.

You can also select settings for the export under Export my training plan: Follow a speed or heart rate target (power target is not supported by Apple) and whether you want a free time to warm up.

You can check whether authorization has been granted by opening your Watch app> Workout > Connected Apps (at the bottom) > RunMotion > the button must be activated (green). To cancel the authorization, you can deactivate the button at any time (gray).

Finally, to select the voice coach's voice for the notifications, it is the same as with Siri, you can change it on your iPhone under Settings > Siri and search > Siri voice.

On the iPhone, you can export your planned session at any time:

### In the RunMotion Coach app, press Export on your scheduled run (or bike) session in your training plan, or Export at the weekly level.

On the Apple Watch, as soon as you want to do your session

Open your Workout app and select the RunMotion session you have just imported. When you press you will see the details of the session and under Learn more you will also find the imported sessions of the last 7 days and the next 7 days.
Enjoy your session!

Once you’re back, you can access the summary of the session you just finished on your iPhone by opening the Forms app. In your form app you will find all the details of your training session: speed, heart rate, ground contact time, running frequency, vertical oscillation, performance…

Enjoy your training!

Information from the full article announcing the release of this feature:

Updated on: 22/02/2024