Articles on: Import activities & Export scheduled workouts

Select target for alerts (pace, heart rate, power, or none by default)

Personalize my exported session

You can choose a free time to warm up if you want to do something more than planned, or if you want to start your session at your leisure, when you want. It’s not easy to start training on time at 20:00 in the mountains or on the race track.

In My Profile > Export my training plan, and enter a free training session if you want.

Choose my target to find the right pace

In My Profile > Export my training plan, enter the target you want to achieve during your training: ‘**Without a target, Speed, Heart Rate** or Power’. 

You can even choose the target for warm-up and endurance and another one for interval training!

For power, watches are not all compatible, it usually works for Garmi and Coros, you can test if you are a fan of power.

If you don’t have a target indicator for your workout on your watch AND this indicator comes from the description of your season, it means you have not chosen a target in your profile > Export my training plan.

We invite you to select it and it will be done for the next export. You can click again on the ‘Export’ button for the sessions you have already exported and it will be updated.

If you do not have a target in the description of your training session, you must enter your MAS in My Profile > My physiological data , or a completed race in My Profile > My running experience. 

Have fun with your training!

Updated on: 22/02/2024