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Strava specificities

Import activities

When you authorize in My Profile > Connect a tracking app > Strava > Connect, remember to check the Allow private activities box if you want to share your private activities with us.

Immediately after logging in, you can import the last 50 activities if you wish. They will appear in your RunMotion Coach app in less than 5 minutes.

My Strava activity is not uploaded

If your Strava activity has not appeared on RunMotion Coach after 2 hours, you can try changing the title of the activity on Strava and Strava will usually send your activity back to us.

I would also like to connect my GPS watch. Will I receive a duplicate?

In principle no. If 2 different sources send us an activity, we will keep the one from the GPS watch, as we also have the mileage data from the GPS watches.

Negative elevation gain is missing, is that normal?

On Strava, the cumulative negative elevation gain is not available (only the positive one is available), so we cannot enter it in your activity details. This is the only value that is missing on Strava.

Updated on: 22/02/2024