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What about exporting for other watches?

I have a Polar, a Wahoo, a Huawei or an Amazfit, why can’t I export my session to my watch?

Not all watch providers offer the possibility to export scheduled sessions on their devices. If this is the case for you, you do not need to give us a star in the stores (it has happened, I assure you, like ‘1 star: the app is great, but my Polar is not compatible for export’😅).

We are connected with these providers, and when it will be ready for them, we will be compatible within the first. The ball is in their court 😉

You can write directly to support and tell them you want structured training on your watch!

FYI: RunMotion Coach was one of the first apps to be compatible with a structured training plan on Suunto, Coros and the Workout app on the Apple Watch. We were already in contact with them before the official launch of structured training monitoring, and we have been compatible since the opening of this possibility. We are committed to integrating any new export in less than 15 days.

Updated on: 22/02/2024