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Garmin specificity for elevation gain

When you connect to Garmin to record your activities, Garmin sends us the source files of your watch in FIT format.

This authorization allows you to receive information about your route, point by point and kilometer by kilometer.

For users with a watch without an integrated barometer (e.g. Forerunner 55), it is possible that the source file of your watch will exaggerate the elevation gain.

If your watch has an integrated barometer, it is usually already very accurate via the source file.

How does the RunMotion Coach get the elevation gain?

When you synchronize your Garmin, the FIT file of your watch is sent to Garmin Connect, whereupon Garmin recalculates the altitude gain for watches without a barometer.

From the RunMotion Coach side, Garmin immediately sends us the source file, but we do not directly have the information about this corrected elevation gain. Garmin sends it to us within 15 minutes after the end of your activity.

Therefore, we update your elevation gain as soon as Garmin sends it to us. Therefore, it is possible that the elevation gain you have in RunMotion Coach comes from the uncorrected source file and in the worst case you have to wait a few hours to get this information updated.

If you have a Forerunner 55 watch without a barometer, you can also cancel the import via Garmin Connect and connect Strava, which will send the correct elevation gain directly.

Updated on: 22/02/2024